So you think you want to be a studio assistant...

Alright friends, here's the rub. Up until now, I've done everything, from prepro to mixing, and beyond all on my own. My workload has begun to exceed the limitations of my ever-growing, aging, man body.

With my bands all coming from out-of-state and staying with me for one, two, sometimes even four weeks at a time, I barely have time to use the bathroom, and when I do, the project comes to a screeching halt.

I need someone who can assist me with setup, tracking, and mix prep so I can have time to sleep, feed my pizza addiction, nourish my relationship with my loving wife, and try to once and for all, tackle this non-existent gambling addiction I've fabricated for the sole purpose of this paragraph.

But seriously, here's what I'm looking for.

Someone who is:

  • Hardworking
  • Self-motivated
  • Trustworthy
  • Proficient in Pro Tools
  • Understand the intricacies of pop-punk 

Here's the perks of being an assistant here

  • Opportunity to work on projects with awesome bands from around the country
  • Opportunity to work with some sweet ass gear
  • Access to the studio for your own projects when the calendar allows
  • A small percentage of cash based on a fixed percentage on a per project basis
  • Memories to last a lifetime
  • Bragging rights
  • I'll teach you everything I know, which isn't very much, but if you made it this far, you know what this is.

Last but not least

Although this should go without saying, I'm going to say it, because I know it needs to be said. In order to help with tracking, have me teach you, having access to the studio, etc. etc. in order to be considered for the position, you must live within driving distance of the studio, or be willing to relocate to Western Kentucky to be considered.

That's a big commitment. I'm not looking for just anyone. If I can't find the right person/people, I'm fully prepared to continue on working this aging man body in to the ground on my own.

This isn't a full time job. It won't pay well in cash, but it will pay some! If you're someone looking to get your name on some serious projects, work with great, working bands, expand your skills, and work in a crazy, controlled-chaos-filled, studio with guys who are passionate about what we do, then I'm interested. Fill out the form below and blow me away.


The point of no return

Name *
Tell me a little bit about where you gained your knowledge, whether it was YouTube, Hands-on, or schooling. Were you in a band? Cool. Tell me about. Give it all to me. Anything relevant.
No, seriously. Why!?
Please think this one over before answer.
Use this space to blow me away. Meme's and pizza recipes are great, but please use this space to convince me professionally that you are the right man or woman for the job.