Hi, I'm Rick. This is the part where you might expect me to shift to third person and talk about how state-of-the-art my studio is. Well, I'm not going to do any of that.

Here's the deal: After one long, particularly awful day of working retail, I decided my life's calling was not selling cell phones. I've loved and played music my entire life, so I decided to quit my job and build a recording studio. Why not, right?

So I bought some gear. Then I bought some more gear. Then some more, and then some more. Now I've got a nice, little collection with some pretty cool pieces. Before everything is said and done, I'll probably acquire some more.  Along the way, I've learned to make music sound pretty okay, maybe even pretty good. 

I love pizza, video games, big drums, rippin' guitars, and long walks on the beach.